FAQ for using an archive DVD

Discussion below is valid for archive DVD's such as Prabuddha Bharata, The Vedanta Kesari, Brahmavadin and Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam

How to Use the DVD
This DVD provides high-resolution scans of the entire collection of Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam*, which can be accessed by clicking on Articles button.

List of all Article titles sorted alphabetically (click on Articles button)

Articles of a particular author (click on Authors button)

Table of Contents of each month (click on Volumes button and select a month)

List of all Categories (click on Categories button)

To Search for an article or words (click on Search button)

Table of contents contain hyperlinks to articles, their authors and the year/month in which they appear. Clicking on a particular article title will take you to the article in DjVu format. Clicking on the author's name will display the list of articles of that particular author, which then can be accessed by clicking on them. Clicking on the year/month will take you to the table of contents of that particular issue.

How to search for an article.
To search for an article click on the Search button and enter details such as Article title and/or its Author and/or the period in which the article might have appeared. On clicking the Search button, search result pertaining to the set of values entered, will be displayed. After opening an article, user can search through it using the plug-in search facility. (Press 'F' and enter the search term. On clicking Find next, the search term, if found will be highlighted in the article.)

How to search for a word.
To search for a word or phrase in the entire archive click on the search button and enter the word in the 'Text' field. This facility can be used along with the facility provided to search for an article.

How to print a page.
Open the required page of the archive and click on File > Print. Using the Page Setup tab, printing can be customized. To print a portion of a page, export the page into a .BMP image file (Right click on the page and click on Export). The image can then be cropped and printed using any image editing tool. To print a picture in the Pictures gallery, click on the thumbnail of the picture. After a full size image is obtained on the screen, click on the printer icon at the bottom of the image.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Q. AutoRun fails to start the archive.
A. Click on the file 'Sri_Ramakrishna_Vijayam' in the DVD drive.

Q. A runtime error is encountered.
A. Copy the entire folder 'FirefoxPortable' situated in the DVD drive to C: drive of your computer. Then click on the file 'srv' in the DVD drive.

Q. Getting an error like "compnent 'comctl32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"
A. In the command prompt, execute the statement

regsvr32 %Systemroot%\System32\comdlg32.ocx

An in detail work around for this problem can be found here.

Q. I am able to browse through the Author-Article pages but I am unable to open any page of the archive(DjVu file).
A. A DjVu plugin-version incompatibility might have occurred. Please install the djvu plugin given in the DVD (Software/DjVuPlugin/djvuctrl-6.1.4-en-r27999.msi)

Q. The DVD tray is locked and I am not able to remove the DVD.
A. The archive might still be active. Right-click on the tray icon 'Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam' and click on 'Close Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam' and then remove the DVD. If problem persists, please restart the computer and then remove the DVD.

Q. The archive is shutting down before it is loaded in the browser, leading to an error "Server not found"
A. Server time out is the reason for such types of errors. Copy the entire contents of the DVD (including hidden folders and files) to any of the drives in your computer and start the archive as usual (As described above).

Using the DjVu Plug-in
The full documentation of the DjVu plug-in can be viewed by displaying a DjVu document (any document) and pressing the right mouse button and selecting "help" from the menu.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available when viewing a DjVu document:

Left-Click and Drag Pan around the image (more convenient than the scrollbars). Panning can also be done with the arrow keys.
Right-Click Pop up the DjVu plug-in menu
Space or Enter Go to the next page
Backspace Go to the previous page
Page Down Scroll page down. If at the bottom of the page, flip to the next page
Page Up Scroll page up. If at the top of the page, flip to the previous page
+, = Zoom In
-, _ Zoom Out
Shift & Drag Turn your cursor into a magnifier
1, 2, 3 Change magnification to 100%, 200% and 300% respectively.
W Zoom to Fit Width
P Zoom to Fit Page
F Search and Highlight String in Current Document
R Rotate image anticlockwise
T Rotate image clockwise
D Dual page view
G Go to any particular page